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Policies & Procedures



  • Registration Fee $35 per child, $15 siblings annual administrative set up costs. (Nonrefundable)

    Payments due 1st of every month

    • Cash, Check (made out to TDC or The Dance Company), Credit ( 3.05 % admin fee)

    • ACH available through your bank (2.05 admin fee)

    • Autopay available by request

    • To avoid fees- checks are welcome (our book keeper does pick up once a week on Fridays)

  • Late fee: $5 each week late

  • Nonprofit scholarships/payments can only be used in credit, not retrograded payments

  • No Prorating (holiday break down explanation available at front desk)

  • Return Check Fee: $25

  • Cancellation Notice: 30 days timestamped email, verified

  • 10% Sibling Discount

  • 50% Boys Discount

  • Delinquency: Notice at 30 days, We reserve the right to refuse services after 45 days.

Make Up Classes

  • Please see make up class schedule, make ups must be made with in 2 weeks of missed class. (make ups will not be available after April 15 due to Recital Rehearsals)

  • Injuries- Injuries that are feasible to dance with, you should still come to class.  Each teacher is equipped with floor exercises to give students to replicate classroom muscle development and flexibility so that students will not regress.  We have 2 staffed physical therapy assistants who will work with students privately as well.  Students will take notes in class and still be a part of the learning process.


  • For your child’s safety, please pick up promptly at end time of class.  We cannot guarantee adult supervision in lobby area and cannot be responsible for children before or after their scheduled time.

  • We encourage you to come into studio a least once a week to check message board/calendar.

  • Feel free to leave during class time, just be sure to update your emergency contact info in your DSP portal. Parent observation days will be offered through out the season.

  • Lost and Found Items will be behind desk, items will be donated at the end of each month, please check regularly.

Social Media

  • We appreciate your respect of students and family who choose not to be exposed on social media.  We have all media releases with our administration.  Feel free to post photos of your child (or if with friends having permission from family).  We encourage you to share the photo and video posts from our official studio/company social page that permission will be verified with our releases.


  • We do allow up to 3 trial classes per student, for only 1 week, for free, with a $25 registration fee.

  • OR We encourage you to look into our introductory package which allows you to try every class in your age bracket for 2 weeks (except full classes) for $50 and waives your registration fee ($25). This allows your child to try all styles and meet all of our instructors. 


- The season is typically from August-June.  These are progressively built classes.  Withdrawing from classes or

 starting late will result in being behind in curriculum and possibly not being able to return back to the same level.

Each summer we offer various summer camps and intensives!


- Our studio provides masterclasses and workshops every month with different styles and experiences.  These are an additional fee, but all students are welcome.  We also attend up to 4 dance conventions each year that our academic students can come with us to!  These are out of town weekend long dance experiences with current industry professionals.

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