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Ages 13+


This is a GUIDELINE of suggested levels.

When we meet your child, interact with them and see their ability, social development, and movement skills, we will suggest the level that is appropriate for them. It  is our goal to ensure we help them feel confident as well as challenged for growth

Level 3A​  |  Ages 13+

Level 3 is our Intermediate level.  At this level we help students learn proper technique, establish vocabulary, and develop a passion for dance.  This level is perfect for older students wanting to learn dance, dance as at a recreational level, or grow in their technique. 

Level 3B​  |  Ages 13+

Level 3B is our Intermediate/Advanced level.  At this level we help students develop proper technique, build into our apprentice/trainee programs, or take on a higher level of dance.  This level is perfect for students new to our studio to reinforce proper technique with focus on injury prevention.

Level 4  |  Ages 13+

Level 4 is our advanced level.  New students must meet with our instructors in a private lesson, placement classes, or intensive setting.  This level we will continue to grow our students and develop into our Level 5/6 curriculum.

Levels A/B

If you are a new student, we will always start you in a "Level A" class for the first week, regardless of your experience. We have a specific checklist curriculum we follow for placement. All new students will be given a placement card for teachers to adjust schedule or levels based on the students' skill assessment.

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Marble Surface



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