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New Students

We are so excited to welcome new students!  Our studio is run on a technical curriculum to be sure that your child is growing and challenged, yet building self confidence by not being overwhelmed.  Please refer to our level options for a better idea of what your schedule could look like!


We have 4 options for enrollment!

*Please note, due to demand, some of our classes are full on waitlists, but give us a call and we will get the best fit for your child!*


1- 2 week unlimited demonstration week (see below)​

       Create Parent Portal --> Add StudentRegister --> Introduction Weeks 2022-2023


2- Schedule private lesson evaluation and find out exactly what classes are best!



3- Come try any 3 classes for FREE



4- Enroll in our suggested level A class, knowing adjustments might be made after registration.​
A Going Away Party.png

Bring: Water

Wear: Black Dance Clothing

*at least leggings/tank top, socks if you do not have dance shoes yet.  We will not require dance shoes for class until registered for*


Policy: Please drop off 10 min before class so we can get student set up.

*Will receive a class trial form from desk, please return at the end of the night and pick back up the next week*

Classes are closed due to void policies/building capacities. We can provide a zoom link for new parents to watch the class.

 If you would like a tour appointment please click here to contact us!

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