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Hello parents,
It's finally here!  
We've been talking about it since early November and we finally are at the finish line!

A few things to remember
*Be kind in the parking lot, we are all trying to get to the same place for the same happy purpose.  If we notice a lot of traffic, we can hold back a start time.
*Don't forget to CHECK IN at the front table (Between the tent and Harps)
*Print your Showcase order and highlight your childs' class and number!  (Your class name can be found in your parent portal
*Last minute reviews of the dances is encouraged!"
*Do NOT park on the side of the building next to the vet drive through.  The vet clients will be using these spaces as well as the drive through section and then it will be reserved for Santa's Sleigh... Please do NOT be the reason Santa can't get to the children because you took his spot!  (We are putting orange cones there- please don't move them or move them back if you see them misplaced)
*Bring your smiles and Christmas cheer and don't forget to grab some food and beverages from our fantastic restaurants and stop in our local plaza friends' businesses! 
*And remember- this will be our LAST parking lot show- so your patience and understanding is most appreciated.  We know it will be hectic and hard to park.  Complaining at us while we are trying to make beautiful memories for the kids will not be helpful, nor will bad reviews.  We got stuck in this pickle thanks to the DD sudden construction and already have a BEAUTIFUL plan for next year that will be magical and wonderful!  We appreciate your understanding, especially in this season of Joy and Love!

*If your child dances on Wednesday please do not take a 2023 TDC ornament tonight (Tuesday).  We were running out of time to finish them and only have enough for our kids that are only dancing tonight!  I promise they'll be ready for more to distribute tomorrow!

Some have asked about studio apparel for Christmas gifts!!!

We have a bunch of options in our in store boutique, you can order online and pick up at any time.


We also have a vendor shop opening soon again (including bags, hats and more!)

Store Opens on: November 15th

Close Store on: Sunday, December 3 at midnight

Deliver orders to STUDIO: Monday, December 18t 

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