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Mia Martinez

Preparatory Ballet and Preparatory Jazz, Tap, Acro

My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe space for my tiny humans where they can experience love, discipline, healthy growth, and direction. Working with younger children, I strive to form an environment that enhances and paints the picture of what dance teachers should provide for them in their future. Safe and healthy boundaries for my students are important to me. Allowing them to feel loved, encouraged, and strengthened by myself and their classmates is most important to me. 

Growing up a dancer from age 3 and competing since age 7, while still being young allows me to connect with my students and peers around the studio in a different way. I can empathize and understand things from a different perspective as well as be that safe person for them. 

My students are my main priority when they are with me as well as outside of the studio. I love them all dearly, and appreciate their parents for trusting me with their babies. 

Favorite Inspiration: Knowing I have made a positive impact on my students lives. Connecting with their parents, and seeing them grow in the time I have them each week. 

Favorite way to learn: Attending in person workshops as well as watching performers in shows and on stage. It’s inspiring to always have someone to look up to and strive to be. 

Goals: To be a safe space for my students and their families. Creating an environment where they can let go of whatever is going on and have fun within that hour. Accommodating to their needs each week and using communication to create an easier and smoother class. Showing that I care, in all ways imaginable. 

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