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Ages 3-6

Preparatory Classes

This is a GUIDELINE of suggested levels.

When we meet your child, interact with them and see their ability, social development, and natural movement skills, we will suggest the level that is appropriate for them. It  is our goal to ensure we help them feel confident as well as challenged for growth

There are not enough levels for students to progress each year.  Students could spend up to 3 years in a level depending on their confidence.  There's usually a challenge year the first year, a comfort year the second year, and before we push them up to the next level, we like them to experience a leadership year so that we know they have mastered on their skills. 

Sometimes when we see students bordering a level, we will have them come for both until they are certainly ready to make the leap.  Or if your child REALLY wanting to go up a level, we suggest coming to the lower level of that genre in addition to reinforce basic skills and strengthen in their practice.

Prep 3-6 |  Ages 3-6

A combination of skills of level 1 and 2.

This is usually a combined class to promote leadership with the kids inspired by their peers.  Younger kids can develop quicker with the older kids while the older kids develop more confidence and reinforce their knowledge

Prep 3-5  |  Ages 3-5

Specifically an introductory to dance.  Classroom management, following directions, patterns, basic movement skills and vocabulary.

Prep K  |  Ages 5-6

Specifically designed for our kindergartners. We implement more development, vocabulary, and movement skills while still instilling creative play and imagination. 

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